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Muskie lures, muskie lures, and more muskie lures and don't forget our muskie rods!! Thank you for visiting the home of the GruntTM muskie and Northern Pike trolling lure. This is our signature lure that started our company many years ago and was named in honor of the brave men and women of the United Stated miltary forces.. We hope you enjoy fishing with the Grunt muskie lure, a fabulous all American made muskie lure as well as our other muskie & pike lure creations.  Our big wooden muskie lure, the Grunts, are custom made in the USA from the finest hardwood money can buy.  These big wooden muskie lures are like gum drops to both big muskies and big Northern pike.  These lures work great for Northern pike, muskies and tiger muskies.  Big muskie and Northern pike fishing lures have proven themselves from the lower midwest up to Minnesota and to the top of Ontario Canada and into Manitoba!  Why use big lures? Read more (Click Here)! Try some top quality USA made wooden muskie lures for spring, summer or fall trolling today and use your new Grunt to call some muskies and northern pike in! These make great gift ideas to. Good gift for dad too as many people use them as a desk ornament. Great muskie and pike lures for your, USA, Canada or European fishing needs. This muskie lure website is owned and ran by Tackle Industries, a "muskie lure" and "muskie Rod" company.  Please catch and release all muskie for future generations.

Our innovations in muskie lures are your key to success! We also do NOT make low quality products OR overprice our lures like many in this industry! We are the designer, distributor, retailer, sales, etc. so we don't have all the margins in the middle that need to be paid out so we pass the savings on to you!

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NEW FOR 2012!
12 NEW lines of musky rods, Twitchin Shad Diver, Tubby Jr, Dominatrix Double #8 bucktails and more! 
All for about 30%-60% less when compared to our competitions retail prices.
Catch the SAME fish for LESS with higher quality muskie lures from Tackle Industries!

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Muskie Fishing Lures for Muskie Fishing. Northern Pike Lures and Tiger Muskie Lures Perfect for Northern Pike Fishing in Canada for World Record Northern Pike and World Record Muskies. Fishing equipment like , nets, , and other muskie fishing lures and northern pike lures. Grunt deer call. Our innovations in musky lures are your key to success! Musky hunters searching for trophy and world records. Muskies always come first, please catch and release. Super Ciscos lures are not associated with the Rapala Super Shad Rap lure or the Normark Corporation. Super D swimbaits are not associated with the Magnum Uptown Bulldawg, regular uptown Bulldawg, Magnum Bulldawg, Regular Bulldawg, Bull Dawg, Magnum Shallow Bulldawg, Regular Shallow Bulldawg,  or the Musky Innovations company in any way shape or form. We make our musky lures right the first time! Dependable, tough, durable and abel to take the worst punishment a musky lure can take. Musky fishing lures at their best. Medusa Swimbait Topwater Kraken SuperD Swimbait Medusa musky fishing rod mega rod super rod monster heavy rod musky rod muskie rods and reels XH XXH Extra Heavy Musky Rod Pike Fishing Rod. Musky Pike DVD Reels Musky Rods Musky Reels Musky Movies and DVDs and CDROM movies.  Jimmy Tube Wiley Loke Stalker trolling lures musky lure Power Line Pro Stealth Bomber Line spider Pro Staff Musky guide wire service Minnesota Wisconsin Michigan Illinois Indiana Muskie guides professional fisherman trophy lures baits. Muskyr fishing rods musky rod Get these lures at great retailers like Musky Tackle Online, Rollie and Helens, Thorne Bros musky shop musky lure and muskie lures Pickl these great musky rod san musky lures up at musky shops like rollie adn helens, Musky Tackle Online adn many others.

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Muskie Bucktail Lure
Muskie Bucktail Lure
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Muskie Bucktail Lure
Musky Bucktail Lure
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